Friday, 8 June 2012

Project X (2012)

This movie was fucking horrifically bad. Not so much the way it was crafted, but its content. Props where props are due, it was well made, and watchable - for what it was. But the props ends there. It sports some of the most lurid and classless footage ever compiled into a feature film, and it's proud of it. I wonder at what point during the filming of this movie did any of the parties involved consider this a legitimate film venture. Featuring relentless sexism, homophobia, a contender for ‘worst script of all time’, and a general lack of cognitive thought , this is hands down one of the most morally reprehensible and just plain stupid films I’ve seen to date. And not even remotely in a good way. I’d take Salo over this any day.

2/10. It gets a two because I wasn’t bored. Though it made me wish I was. Avoid this movie, it’s trash of the lowest common denominator in every sense of the word. This is truly a feat of shittiness.

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