Sunday, 24 June 2012

God Bless America (2012)

As a huge fan of Bobcat’s last film (World’s Greatest Dad), I had very high hopes for God Bless America. Touting a message under the thin veil of an ultra-dark satire, GBA devastatingly fails to deliver on what was a clever and interesting premise. Foregoing subtlety and instead hitting it’s audience over the head, GBA is crammed full of overlong rants that would have had a greater impact if left to the end, by which it’s steam had pretty much fizzled out. They say actions are worth a thousand words, and after what feels like thousands of words, we’re left with relatively few actions. Film is the art of showing instead of telling, something Bobcat seems to have forgotten. It feels like he wrote the entire movie in an off-day and just wanted to vent. Apart from it’s excessive use of ranting, GBA also felt disjointed and unpolished as far as storytelling goes, the characters feeling second wheel to their rants. As much admiration as I have for what it tried to do, I was ultimately left disappointed. Instead of a clever, brutally dark satire, we got a film that spends far too much time ranting and spelling everything out for the audience, treating them like they’re the stupid idiot morons it reviles so much. Then again, maybe that’s the point.

5/10, disjointed storytelling and a message consumed by self righteousness and excessive ranting prevent God Bless America from being the witty satire it wanted to be (or could have been). Would recommend if you’re bored.

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